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Final Four has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Congratulations Lady Raiders on a great season and as I wish you continued success, I reflected back to some state championship golf tournaments I got to experience with my daughter.  I have a feeling what your parents are going through tonight!  They won’t get much sleep and may have some crazy dreams about tomorrow.  They are so excited for this opportunity that Saturday holds for you, but most of all, I’m sure they are proud to be your parents!

So for this Final Four Eve blog, here is a little bedtime story to hopefully help the Rainder Nation doze off to the land of sugar plums dancing in your heads (and yes, sugar plums are purple):

  • ‘Twas the night before the Final Four and all through the Raider Nation, Parents and fans were restless, overcome with this winning sensation.
  • The travel bags were packed not missing a thing, hoping for some shuteye before that alarm would ring.
  • The players were nestled all snug in their beds, at least that is what’s going on inside Coach Herrick’s head;
  • But the players are wide awake in anticipation, excited about a win and the cheering Raider Nation.
  • Coach is replaying over and over in his mind, the different scenarios with Westlake, in Buford he may find.
  • The guts are all churning or is that a heart attack, so it’s off for some baby aspirin and another dose of Zantac.
  • Before you know it 3:15 will arrive, in preparation for only a short 30 minute long drive.
  • People will be gathering on the sides of 369, cheering on the Lady Raider’s and showing their sign.
  • Then you will hear that long awaited sound, “Load the bus, Load the Bus, We are now Buford Bound.”
  • “Now Kate, now Cassie, now Amber and Livie, It’s your turn Bella, Morgan, Catherine and Lily.
  • Vekondja, Caroline, Avery and Ansley I know you can’t wait, so next on the bus is Harley, Breanna, McCall, and Kate.”
  • Look at that caravan, where did these people come from, it’s your neighbors and friends proud of the team you have become!
  • So fly away, fly away and the 3-pointers will fall, dribble down, spin around because you control the ball.
  • Now back into the “d” and guard them real close; you can steal the ball away and down the floor you will coast.
  • The game will progress and the final buzzer will sound, and before you know it, you will be ATL and Title Town Bound!

Good Luck Lady Raiders and see you in Buford!

Tim Whitmire, NGSL

Tim Whitmire is the co-owner of the North Georgia SportsLink and has been covering high school and college sports for over 40 years.

Photo by David McGregor, Lily McGregor Photography

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